Thursday, April 5, 2012

Infatuated and Inflamed...

I spent a little bit of time browsing Modcloth today, and "Oh my God." I found the cutest boots! I have never been this obsessed with a pair of shoes in my life! I had to put together an outfit for them. 

Sad part of the story:
The boots are only available in size 6... I'm determined to find them in my size! They're also a bit out of my price range, but I will save my pennies if I have to!

Poutine on the Ritz Bootie Ensemble
Sweater: Modcloth  Skinny Jeans: Forever 21  Booties: Modcloth

Also, check out Frayed Threads for a Forever21 give away!!!


Last night's workout:
-Run 1 mile
-Sauna 15 minutes
-Run 1 mile
-20 flights on the stair machine
-Pectorals 20 reps (40 lbs.)
-Lap Pull Downs 20 reps (75 lbs.)
-Abdominals 50 reps (60 lbs)
-Lower back presses 40 reps (95 lbs)

Needless to say, I am sore today!

The chiropractor did his job, and I am running again. I've definitely lost some cardio fitness, cause those couple miles were torture. I need to find a way to stay entertained on the treadmill.

Keep your eye out for my next post, I'll share some of my favorite green smoothie recipes. All the nutrients, none of the bitter taste (for those of us who aren't too keen on veggies)!

Love, Morgan

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Bubble My Licorice said...

I love skinny jeans :)
amazing post!