Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Irksome Injury...

It seems that, no matter how hard I try, my passions and hobbies interfere with each other. Another of my passions is horseback riding.

Lily and I (A horse from my adventures at scout camp.)

About a week and a half ago, I took a pretty knarly spill off the horse I've been working with (Her name is Mystique). I landed on my hip, scraped across my back and shoulders, then konked my head on the ground pretty hard. I only had on visible battle scar:

But as it turns out, I hurt myself pretty good in that fall. 
I went running about a week after my fall and felt like I was going to throw up afterwards. Didn't think much of it. Maybe I pushed myself to hard.
When I went running a few days later, I couldn't run more than .33 miles without feelings dizzy and getting a headache. Turns out I misaligned my spine pretty good when I fell off Mystique.

I went to the chiropractor today, and he talked to me, examined me, tested, me, and x-rayed me... Then proceeded to tell me that he would need a day to process the x-rays, and that I should come back tomorrow. I was so upset! Here I am, thinking I would get to go running tonight, and the doctor doesn't even start to fix me! 
I made an appointment for tomorrow, and I'm hoping he'll fix somethings. I'm a running junky, I need my workout tomorrow!
[Plus, I'm losing valuable training time. My 5k is in 26 days!!!}

Everyone cross your fingers for me!
Love, Morgan

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