Tuesday, April 17, 2012

All I Smell is my Personal Best ♥

Today I am going to start with my muscle  memories, because I had a personal best last night! I ran 2.5 miles in 25 minutes. I know, I know, to you super amazing athletes that sounds like nothing. I, however, am not a world class athlete, so I'm damn proud of myself! I actually learned a new trick last night that helps me keep going without getting bored. I start my run at 5.5 mph, and I move up .1 mph for every two minutes I run. By the time I get to 25 minutes I'm running 6.7 mph. That way instead of watching the clock thinking, "15 minutes to go..." I give myself a shorter goal. 2 minutes to go is much less overwhelming.

 David and I were at the gym for about 3 hours last night, so we decided to go back to my house and make a pan of brownies. *happy face* I know, we're rebels.

^^^^ I went online today and designed this sweatshirt for myself. I have a bunch of guy friends who joke about this all the time.

"Go make me a sandwich, Morgan!"
"Morgan, what are you doing out of the kitchen?!"

Well, I'm getting myself a sweatshirt that says, "Go make yourself a sandwich.
I'm going for a run."
I swear, I'm going to wear this sweatshirt everyday!

I made myself a new banner, whatdya thing?

Shirt: Vanity      Belt: Walmart      Jeans: Vanity      Boots: Head Over Heels

 The boots I'm wearing today are my favorite! I love how pirate-esk they are. The heels are also perfect, because they're not super thin, or super chunky, and they're just high enough to be pretty without being painful. I could stand in these boots all day and be fine.


I'm photographing a wedding tomorrow for my friend Haley so I borrowed some light equipment from another photographer. I made David pose for me so I could test it out. It's pretty ridiculous that he can look bamf even when he's kinda trying to be a dork...

I'll be posting pictures from the wedding I'm shooting sometime in the next week or so. [hopefully]

In conclusion, my life is still crazy and fabulous. Thank you for your time. [Can you tell I'm in public speaking class right now? ;) ]

Love, Morgan.


reviews said...

nice boots!:)


Andrea D said...

Congrats on your PB run! I'm not a fast runner either...but, hey, slow running burns calories, too! :)
Funny sweatshirt! If my man friends told me to go make them a sandwich, I think my response would not so appropriate for sharing online...

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