Monday, April 2, 2012

Unwinding Trials... ♥

One of my many passions in life is running. Over the past couple years I've had a really difficult time keeping up on a training schedule, because I've been sick, or having back issues. Luckily, though, I'm back in the game! In honor of my rediscovered passion, I wrote a poem this week. Check it out:

Hear the whirring; take a step
The treadmill picks up speed
Anticipation fills my gut
Can't help but feeling free
Feet are pounding with each step
There's music in my ears
A smile spreads across my face
Happiness is here
I concentrate on breathing in
Then quickly I breath out
Deafening, the music plays
My heart begins to pound
Exhilaration fills my mind
Each time I strike the ground
Beads of sweat begin to form
My muscles can unwind

There's something kind of magical
About the way this feels
Fear, the pain, the grief I hold
Completely disappears
Faith is in my oxygen
I'm breathing in the light
My mind is clear, entirely
All my thoughts are right
The things that always worry me
The things I often loath
Are somehow inconceivable
I am filled with hope.

Unwinding Trials, by Morgan Newey

On the topic of running, I'm obsessed with ASICS ad campaign!

Sound mind; Sound Body. 
It's perfect, and oh so true! Any runner would vouch for me when I say that it really feels like your worries and stresses float away as you pick up speed!

Because I'm just getting back into running, I have set some pretty crazy goals for myself! 

-The Timpanogos Half Marathon is at the end of July. It runs 13.1 miles through the American Fork Canyon
-The Tough Mudder is coming to Utah in October, and I'm gonna do it! 10 miles of mud and obstacles, check it out!

Thanks for your support, and keep on reading!
Love, Morgan

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