1.Graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Social Work.
     2.Travel to an eastern state. (The farther east, the better.)
     3.Own my own digital SLR camera, and a photography business.
     4. Learn a second language. (Spanish, french, or Portuguese.)
     5. Run a half marathon. The whole way.
     6. Get straight A's while working full-time and going to school full time.
     7. Get a dog.
     8. Get completely out of debt to my parents.
     9. Go to a concert. (That's right folks, Morgan has never been to a concert.)
     10. Live in the same house for more than 6 months.
     11. Learn how to wake board. (I can never get up!)
     12. Get a job in my career field with a real salary.
     13. Stick to a healthy diet for 1 month. With no slip ups.
     14. Learn to snowboard.
     15. Train a[nother] horse.
     16. Read all of the books in Wikipedia's 100 Classic Books Collection-USA.
     17. Go to Las Vegas (after I'm 21.)
     18. Hike Angel's Landing at Zion National Park.
     19. Shower in a waterfall.
     20. Grow a garden.(Does a single tomato plant count?)
     21. Quit Facebook for 2 whole months.
     22. Learn to play at least one song on the guitar.
     23. Travel to natural disaster site and help clean up.
     24. Ride a horse along the beach.
     25. Test drive a car I can't afford.

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