Monday, April 30, 2012

5k baby! Race Day Weekend... ♥

I'm quite certain that weekends can't get better than this!
On Friday night, I headed out to Logan to se my sister and run our 5k! The morning of the race, I ate oatmeal and drank a bottle of Cytomax to give myself some energy.

With my sister, before the race.

Lisa and I picked up our packets about half an hour before the race started, and then we warmed up and stretched out. (My favorite stretches are the butterfly stretch and any calf stretch. [Shin splints suck!])

Numba' 70!!!

The first half of the race was easy peasy. I had no problem keeping my breathing even, and I rather enjoyed it. The last half though... It was brutal. Everything hurt, I had to really concentrate on my breathing, and I was pretty much just trying to finish. Once I got to the last quarter mile, I picked up the pace. That's when things got really tough. I was cramping like crazy. At the very last stretch, I sprinted in and was feeling pretty proud of myself. Overall, I enjoyed the race. It was tough, but I'm proud of myself for doing it. I'm definitely gonne run a few more 5ks and at least one 10k before the Timp Marathon comes along in July.

My race t-shirt. Represent!

As Lisa and I were driving back to her house, she looked at the clock and realized that her Body Combat class had just started at the gym. We went straight from the race to the gym, and did an hour of Body Combat. I think I'm in love. I'm going to start taking classes at my gym now!

After our Body Combat class, Lisa dropped me off with my friend Richard, and we talked for 15 minutes before he had to go to work. I got to ride on the back of his beautiful bike on my way back to my sister's house... It's very fast. Me likey. Motorcycles ROCK.

My niece and I.

I love authentic Mexican food.

My sister, her daughter, and I went out to eat on Saturday afternoon. It was super yummy. There's nothing like fresh chips ans salsa. The restaurant was called El Toro.


I took some pictures of m lovely niece this weekend. She was so cute and photogenic. I absolutely love her eyes.

My niece with her uncle (my brother.)

I did her hair for this little photoshoot. Here is a detail shot of her hair:

Funny Story!
Lisa, my niece, my brother, and I were driving around after we finished taking pictures, and she was being silly. She kept driving around in circles and my niece was complaining that she was car sick. Lisa, being the silly mama she is, kept teasing and driving in circles, so my niece insisted that her mom owed her some frozen yogurt. I was in. I love frozen yogurt!

Sweet coconut frozen yogurt with mango sauce and fresh fruit. Mmm....

"Hey Morgan, what was your favorite part of the weekend?"

I love my family, but my favorite part of the weekend, by far, was spending time with David. 

After I drove home from Logan on Saturday night, I took a long bubble bath then headed over to David's house. We spent most of today laying around and watching TV. It was a wonderful lazy day. :)

I'm watching "The Lincoln Lawyer", then I'm off to bed. I have work tomorrow!

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Breanna Hohenstein said...

Thanks for linking up :) Look at yall go! I ran a 10k last year about this time and I loved it!

Great photography as well!
Happy Tuesday!