Friday, April 27, 2012

Finals Week is Over! ♥

I don't know if the past week could have been more stressful than it already was. A dance final, a speech, two journals, and two analises... Yeah, psycho. 
I'm already registered for 12 credit hours during fall semester. I'm taking Intermediate English, Biology 1010 w/ a lab, US Government and Politics, and a meditation class. (For my lifelong wellness credit.) As much as I hate finals week, I am looking forward to school in the fall. I figure since I plan on being in school for the next 10 years, I might as well enjoy it..
I only trained on Monday this week, cause school was crazy, and David was sick. I spent a bunch of time with him, so I'm praying I don't catch it. I'm planning on running tomorrow before I head up to Logan to stay the night at my sister's house before the race. 
I brought David a couple herbal remedies today, and it was pretty funny... His family has never been into that stuff, and I'm pretty sure his dad thought I was trying to grow him a third arm... But alas, he will be feeling better in no time thanks to my "witchcraft."

Random note!!!
My Guilty Pleasure:

I am currently mildly obsessed with "Pretty Little Liars." It's something I'm slightly ashamed of, because I'm not usually into the girly-girl, drama-drama shows that are all over television.... But I LOVE it. *Crazy face grin...*

My grandparents were visiting from California this weekend. I was so happy to see them, and they were so happy to see their baby great-granddaughter! 

Great Grandma with the The Cutie

Great-Grandpa, and Littlest Auntie with The Cutie

Grandma (My momma) with The Cutie

The wedding last weekend was really fun too. I'll have to share some of those photos in my next post. They'll all have David Terry's watermark on them (Photographer David, not to be confused with the other David, they're different people.)

Also, I have all kinds of fun fashion things that I don't have time to post now, but I spent quite some time internet "window shopping" today, so I have a few new obsessions.

'Til next time,
Love, Morgan.



David Terry said...

Those images are really nice, I especially love the last one. It is so minimal in what it shows and yet shows tenderness and emotion.

elise said...

new follower and so glad I am! loved this post! :)