Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Self-Discovery: An Art ♥

"People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself.  But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates. " ~Thomas Szasz

I love that quote.
As I've said previously, I have spent the last two years of my life as a single woman, which has been a wonderful thing for me. At 17 years old, I was an emotional mess. I was continuously looking for places to go and people to see. I didn't know how to be alone with myself. Let alone confront my flaws!
There is nothing quite as wonderful as taking time off from finding other people, to take a second to find yourself. 
Too many young women these days are so wrapped up in the idea of finding a beautiful boy, that they forget that they are beautiful women. Instead of looking at themselves and seeing a unique person, they look at their peers and try to become as similar to them as possible. Looking a certain way, talking a certain way... 

How can anyone possibly find the perfect person for them when they are not yet the perfect person for themselves?

The hardest part of molding yourself into the person you want to be is looking at your flaws, and deciding which ones make you, and which ones break you.

Who I Am...

I am... a college student.
I want... a puppy!
I have... the most amazing friends!
I wish... I could travel the world and help the less fortunate.
I hate... feeling alone.
I fear...the unexpected.
I hear... the tick of my clock.
I search... for hope. For love. For knowledge.
I wonder... about death. Of other people, not myself. It's something that worries me.
I regret... nothing. My actions have molded me into who I am. I like who I am.
I love... my family with all my heart.
I ache...when someone I love is hurting.
I always... make my bed at night, right before I crawl in.
I usually... smile at strangers.
I am not... afraid to stand up for myself.
I dance... everywhere. Even at the grocery store.
I sing... in my car, with the windows down.
I never... say never.
I sometimes... procrastinate.
I cry... when it's all too much.
I am not always... responsible.
I lose... myself in my horseback riding.
I am confused... by people who hold grudges.
I need... to keep believing. Faith = ♥
I should... keep singing, laughing, and running. All essential parts of life.

Who Are You?

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Ruthie Hart said...

I love the little Who am I exercise, we are very similar :-)