Monday, May 14, 2012

Boys, Ballet, and Pupppppies!!! {Cup 1/2 Full}

This is me on Friday night. I was headed to visit a couple cute boys. ;P

The nicest thing about the texture of my hair, is that I can wear it wavy or straight, depending on how much of a hurry I'm in. (It's faster to wear it wavy.) All I have to do is put it into a few twists on my head, blow dry, let out the twists, gel, and voila! Fabulousity.

The first boy I went to see
was this little cutie. His name is Milo.

A couple months ago, I put in an adoption form with the Utah Sheltie Rescue. The owner, Barbara Edelberg, contacted me last Sunday, and said that she thought she might have a dog for me, so on Friday I drove to meet him!
When I arrived, I went to the back yard, and he didn't bark at me, or jump on me. He was very polite. Friendly, but reserved. Once I had some chicken meat in my hand, he came over and let me pet him and play with him. Turns out he knows how to sit, lay down, and come, which will make training really easy. The only concern is that his back leg seems to bother him ever ten minutes or so, but the rescue is having that x-rayed. :) I really like him, and I hope I can adopt him!

Who could resist that face?!

People who know me, or follow my blog know that the other boy I went to see on Friday was obviously David. Who also has an irresistible face, but isn't quite as hairy. :)

On Saturday, my little sister performed in the ballet "Gizelle." Not to be confused with the Gizelle from Enchanted. Completely different story.
Marina is such a beautiful girl, and an especially beautiful ballerina.

After the show, multiple strangers approached her and told her how beautiful of a dancer she was, and how prominent her stage presence is. This girl is going places. :)

Not only is she absolutely beautiful in appearance, but she is an incredible girl personality wise. Marina is not afraid to be who she is, ans she is one goofy girl!

Marina with her friend Heidi (Who brings out the sillliest parts of Marina)
Mom says she gets the goofy-ness from me, but I'm not so sure... ;)

Enough bragging about my sisterhood! This is starting to sound like an infomercial! 

Kirsten and I went shopping! And we looked cute!

And Kirsten was my favorite, cause she bought us matching sun glasses!

That's right, my friends, we rock shades. Indoors.... Ok, so the secret is out. I'm a terrible driver, and my license was suspended for a month, so Kirsten and I walked to the mall. Then to her house. Then back to my house (so we needed shades...). Then I ran to the light-rail station to catch a train to work this morning...
License suspension: BAD
Running and walking a ton: GOOD.
I'm gonna be so in shape by the end of this month!

Randoms from my weekend

Hey guys! I'm getting back into working out! It's called.... Brother lifting! :P I was feeling pretty buff, so I made my sister take a picture. 
(I love my family!!!!!)

Really, though, I am getting back on track with working out. I rain 2 miles this morning. Which felt like death, but I'll be so on top of it in a couple weeks!

This post is linked up with Cup 1/2 Full over at Finding Beauty in the Ordinary.
One question: Why does it have to be half full or half empty? I like to think that my cup is overflowing.
Just something to think about.


Shelbylugal said...

That dog is soooo adorable! and I wish I was still in ballet. I quit a long time ago but wish I'd kept it up!

Caged In Clothes

bonbon said...

Such a cute little doggie! My husand would freak out- he loves dogs so much. And good job getting back to working out! I totally need to but am always too busy or just make excuses because yes, running two miles DEFINITELY feels like death!

new follower :)

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of things I love about you Morgan and one of them is your enthusiasm! I also love your blog! When your Mom was 9 or 10 we got a Sheltie puppy. His name was Corey and we still had him when we moved to Grass Valley. He was a great dog!