Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Black & White & Blue All Over...

[Wordless] Wednesday...
(with some words...)

Shirt/pants: Forever 21        Boots: 5.7.9      Belt: Vanity

I went to Lovely Nails yesterday and got my toes done. 
I love this place! I got my toes done and my eyebrows waxed for $34!!!

I have never had my eyebrows waxed before, but I tried it yesterday, and holy cow!
I thought my eyebrows were hopeless, but now they're beautiful. I think I'm gonna start getting my legs waxed, too! (Shaving is a pain!)

I'm laying in bed right now, simultaneously writing and watching
Make it or Break it

I'm finding it kind of difficult to get comfortable. Or move. =P
While david and I were hiking today, I fell and bashed my knee on a rock. It hurts so bad!
If it's any worse tomorrow morning, I'm going to head into Urgent Care.

I'll keep you posted on my knee situation, and I'll also share my closet organizing secrets ASAP.
(After all, I need some motivation to get my laundry done. *cue sheepish grin*)

I'm off to bed!

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Derico Photography said...

Morgan, I LOVE the belt!! May I ask where you found it? And funny about the eyebrows. The first time i had mine done I was prepared for it to be awful! Turned out it wasn't that bad at all, and I loved the job they had done as well :) I'd like to hear your opinion if you do go back to have your legs waxed... I've definitely been too afraid to try that.

Heidi said...

You are a cutie pie, and I like your tongue-in-cheek take on Black and White Wednesday.

Jessica Jane said...

Loving and needing your belt!