Friday, October 19, 2012

"I'm not dead yet!" ;)

 Oh my God! She's alive! Who knew?
Not my followers, that's for sure. It's been at least two months since I last posted, but when I put on this outfit before work today I knew I needed to write one. I left my face out of all the outfit pictures, because it was not beautified, and no one needs to see that. :P
I got the pants and top at a 60% off sale. It was a very happy day.

Check it:

 Sweater: Vanity     Top & Pants: Romy Boutique    Boots: Head Over Heels

Catching Up!
(in 5 lines or less.)
-I got a new job captioning phone calls for deaf and hard of hearing people.
-School started. I am taking Biology, Politics, Meditation, and Inter. English.
- I bought a scooter! The kind that goes 59 miles per hour and gets 100 miles per gallon.
- I started my photography business! Like it on Facebook here!
-I turned 20 years old and got beautiful boots for my birthday which will be featured in the near future.

(Boo Yah!)

On wednesday I worked with David Terry Photography to photograph a wedding proposal!
Rachel is a fellow model here in Salt Lake City, and Todd is her boyfriend (now fiance.) They have planned on having David photograph their wedding for a long time, so Todd contacted David when he was planning to propose. David then contacted me and asked me to assist him. I started out pretending to model, until Rachel and Todd walked by. Then David asked if he could take pictures of them in front of the temple. When they stepped up to onto the pedastel, Todd proposed.
Here are some photos that David took of me before the event to test the lighting:

I was wearing my clip in extensions. My hair is only just past shoulder length, as you can see in the photos of my outfit.

The Proposal

This first photo was taken by David Terry, not me. I am using
it because I feel it is essential for the story. The rest were.

Todd also arranged for Rachels best friend and Maid of Honor to be there for the proposal, so she hopped in for some pictures.


Guys. I made a pumpkin. I'm pretty sure it is the most successfully artistic thing I've ever done in my life. It took forever. #ProudSmile
On the left you see, quite possibly, the cutest picture ever. That is my neice Lily. She is the cutest child ever, and she is crawling now. I love her. That is all.


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